Sunday, March 12, 2017

But That's What You Signed Up For....

You know that feeling when expectations don't meet the reality of the situation?When it took longer than you expected.When it required more than you was prepared to give? When you know it called for this but not that? Did you sign up for the job,position,commitment,project,duty,responsibility,or did it sign you up?I think we know the answer.The point is  once you get in and see it's not whats it suppose to be.Don't make an abrupt immature decision.Stay the course.Fulfill the obligation or commitment.Then make a decision.Now if you were lied to or mis informed that's another story.Do your homework,due diligence.Talk to as many people as you can about it.Those who are currently in the seat,or use to be  in the seat.Gather intelligence make a better inform decision before getting involved.Get it straight at the gate.Take it as an experiment if things are not turning around or working after a certain time frame cut your losses.Count it as a lesson/blessing and on to the next thing.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Paitence Is A Talent...

We all get tired of the grind.Striving for that elusive thing that we are trying to obtain.But I've come to realize that to go fast you have to go slow.Meaning be  methodic but dilligent about your efforts.Things seem not to happen  not on our time but on the time they are meant to happen.Sometimes other things,situations,and people have to line up.
The easiest thing to do is give up.It takes not much effort to quit.How much resistance are you actually dealing with by quiting?What makes you often has the tendencey to break you also.
Expierment with different approaches and strategies.See whats working and whats not.Make small tweaks.Fall back and regroup.Time Out is better than Burn Out!
Find your inspiration daily.It's a  hourly,daily,weekly,monthly,yearly process.
I've had my owns doubts about the grind and giving up.Sometimes the pain of wanting is to much to bear.Take notice of what's going on when your attitude does match your mood.Usuallly times when you are under stress,and unforseen pressures.Work,family,bills,responibilities.We all have them,we all go throught it.The key is  "Don't Just Go Through It But Grow Through It"

Monday, March 16, 2015

Book Recommendation:The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

If you are  or not a morning person this book will help get the most out of your mornings.It will have you reconsidering how you spend the first hour of your day.Which is so critical and sets the tone for the whole day.If you don't have a routine.You should consider one.You can implement such things as prayer,meditation,excersie,reading,journal entrties,proper nutriton,etc.
Most of us(including me) drag out of bed every morning.Hitting the snooze button.Not wanting to start the drudergy of our day.Mainly because we are doing something we are not excitied about.If you are one of the ones who happen to be doing something that gets you up in the morning.This read will only add more value to your  morning,life and purpose.Filled with insight,techniques,examples and results.In my previous post "The Power Of An Hour"I talk about how much you can get out of an hour.Especially when its off the top of your day.If you come home from a long  mentally or physically exhausting day.By getting your routine in first will make you feel like you at least got it in for you first.I've implented some tips and strategies from this book and already feeling the the results.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Power Of An Hour

 I thought about how much time I've wasted in my life by not being fully focused and dedicated on goals or life for that matter.The other day I accidently wasted an hour of my morning looking for my keys.Sounds silly right ?I got up at my normal time around 5:45 .Did my normal morning routines.But when it was time to leave around 7:15.I couldnt find my keys.Spent all the way up to 8:20 looking for them.
While I was driving
 to work to try and make up for the the time I had lost.I realized that hour could have been spent more productively.Also I had been giving my job an extra hour of my life burning a  candle that I couldn't get back.Now I had be doing this for the past  7 1/2 years though.That's (112 days  / 3.6 months)Wow!! how much time I've donated to the rat wheel.Time that wasn't  used to get ahead only to try and get off work a little earlier.The time could have been used learning,relaxing,meditating,and whole slew of other activites other than donating to a job.My point is time is precious .We give our time to something or someone everyday.How much do you give to anything you are trying to accomplish,achieve,be or learn?Why do you think we get paid by the hour?Alot can be done or earned in an hour.By the way an hourly wage is the lowest form of getting paid.No matter how much the company makes your earnings are capped off.Let's say you make 30,50 or 100 an hour.Now thats good money right?But how much do you think whoever is paying you that is making to be at a far greater profit?
We all give the same time account everyday and in our life but where are your time deposits being made?Usually you give or make time for what you want.Based on your priorites.Just be sure to make a time deposit in your own account.What's an hour /day out of 24.?
Don't cheat yourself... There are 168 hours in a week,730.4848 in a month ,765.81 hours in a year

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.
Carl Sandburg 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Chasing Freedom 2014 Years Theme

This year I've decided to step my commitment up to Chase Freedom more aggressively this year.I've themed the year "Chasing Freedom".To me it helps if you theme your year.It gives you the framework and strategic vision for the planning of your year.I can't speak for any of my readers or folowers of this blog but it's a bout being passionate about your life and life's work in general.I knew at an early age I wanted to be financially indepentdent.Being able to create my income  for things I'm interested in and passionate about.Solving a problem,filling a need.Being able to dictate my time and worth.I can recall years I've being pursuing this but with no definite plan and lack of stong goal setting.Not hard enough rules .Soft rules don't work to well.I felt I was doing it in my mind but when I look at how focused you have to be I fell short of that.Don't get me wrong its not an easy thing being able to call your own shots.It's much easier for the average person to be told when to wake up,how much they are going to make ,when you can take off and so on(A job).But life is too short to go through everyday not being fully engaged in it.I mean what are we doing?Start something,be something ,commit to something.Everybody is capable of being who they want to be.Set the vison of your highest self and work the plan to get there.With realistic goals,action and commitment.Me, mine is freedom.To work with who I want on what I want and dictate my income level.A job (which we all need in the pursuit of our goals) has to much control.And just think somebody started the company you work for out of a vision and a dream.They just kept working on it....

(Peep this video The Society Trap by Joe Rogan)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Thank God it's Friday... Oh God it'sMonday

Is this a normal week for you? Well this us about 98% of the workforce. Now is this we're you want to be and stay at for the duration of your working years.Kicking, scratching and fighting just for those 2 days of your so called weekend. With family, personal , responsibilities ,resting and any other things that come up.How much of these 48 hours do you really have.Think about it,out of your pie,your time,life how many people to you owe and give a slice to?And how much is left for you?The crust maybe or maybe a thin slice?

Over the years I've learned that time is more valuable than money.There is no limit to the amount of money you can make in a designated time ,but there are only so many hours in a day.This is why a hourly wage(trading time for money)is the lowest way of earning your worth.A lot can be accomplished in an hour.As an employee our earning $ is capped off at a set rate.
Growing as an entrepreneur I realized why it takes a little longer to get to your destination while maintaing a job.Most of your waking hours are dedicated to working on someone else's dream.
The time and energy you have left has to managed and dispersed properly to acheive your goal(s).With a current 9-5,family,other responsibilites,sleep,etc you really have to get the most effective use of your time if your truly committed and focused.
Now when the so called weekend comes your juggling everything else you have to do while chasing your dreams.Set and make time for you,you give it to everyone else.Don't forget to invest in the most important commodity,yourself!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Who are The Grown & Sexy...

Now the term Grown & Sexy might be dated.However it is still relevent at times.There is really no other term to describe this type of person.Now to me Grown & Sexy is when you bout 30 years old or older to about 45.You know how it was said 30 is the 40.(The 25 year old age group is right behind this crowd) .You and your wife or girl steppin out gettin ya groove on.Grown up style hitting the dance floor when Franky Beverly and Maze comes on.Now you can groove with the current music ,like what your teen-ager listens to.You know how to groove grown to that though.Not looking young but still hip ,ya know?...You might be seen doing the latest dance.
You and yours could be into church but still hip.Been in the world all your life.People might think you square cause you got in a new world.But hey you been in the real  world all your life ,come on now.Or you may not just good cool people.It does'nt matter.The Grown & Sexy is everything in between them two types.Dressed sharp.Fellas could have a light sag ,but rocking that button up.Or fly to def in they suit or outfit.   Here is a Grown n Sexy mix by DJ DFOS
You got kids old enough to watch themselves or they can watch the younger kids so ya'll can have a night out.Now ya'll might not get out all the time but when you do you really try to enjoy yourselves cause it might be a little time between getting out.If you drink,you  might have a few drinks but don't get sloppy.You can hold it together.Cause at this point in your life you got it together.Kids are about to graduate form high school or even college.It's bout time to start "Doing You" to the fullest.

Forever Young .....Stay Grown n Sexy....