Sunday, December 2, 2012

Are You Living Your Legacy?

Are you living your legacy?That's a question I ask my self daily.What about you?
When its all said and done what kind  life are you going to have lived?
You were born with special gifts and talents  no one else has.How are you using them?It's not about getting rich or paying bills.How many peoples lives have you made better along the way?
"If you help enough people get what they want you will have what you want" Zig Ziglar
Did you make your presence here felt?Did you live?Did you matter?
Now I'm not saying that you have to achieve some great humanitarian feat or anything.What role did you play with the cards you were dealt?
What will your eulogy read?When God opens up the book of your life how will it read?
(I ask these questions for you to question yourself.)
For me personally I want to live each day to the fullest.On the path of my destiny and legacy.
Time is to precious to sit idle and not plan or prepare.I strive daily to get aligned with where I want my life to go.
I just look at the some of the great contributors of this century.Take for instance Steve Jobs of Apple did he know when his number was gonna be called ?I bet not but look at the legacy and contribution he left behind.Forget the money Apple or himself made.He want to improve people's lives with his products.
Now look at Michael Jackson different industry but wow look at the legacy he left behind.His work will live forever.He was a perfectionist about his craft.He touched people's lives in a different way.By inspiring them to be great at what they do.
 Another ,Martin Luther King his mission was about unity and helping those fight for rights.He thought he would be assassinated for living his legacy.He was truly truing to make the world a better place.
This example is personal my brother-in law James Manor was a all around good guy.Even before he was a Metro police officer he was involved in so many people's lives.He help the youth better themselves.Was a fitness and workout king. Helped you get in shape if you could hang.Just a genuine spirit.A God loving man, a father,son and brother.Before his life was cut short he amassed so much of his legacy in small time.He truly made a contribution and left this world better by his acts.

Just a couple of examples but the point being we never know when our number is going to be called.
Your work on this earth will be left behind and documented.Every day a page is being written in your legacy book.Decide  to you be someone or something that people will talk about in a positive way.
I want to leave enough behind for my kids and kids that haven't even been born to remember and look back on.You could inspire generations to come.
Find your place in this's the dash 1971-.....

"Legacy is greater than currency" Gary Vayerchuk

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fella's Step Ya Grooming Game Up

Hey what's up my fellas?
Isn't it embarrassing when you gotta tell somebody they got bad breath?Or you wanna tell them they do?Your personal appearance and grooming says a lot of your character.Your manners and etiquette are also tied into that.Not saying to have to be a square or nothing.Just know the situation and how to conduct yourself of gentleman,grown man level.
Also in the Recommended reading section to the right is the link to buy his book Advance Your Swagger.Either the hard copy or digital kindle version.
Here's a lil clip from Fonsworth Bentley the hip-hop gentleman on manners,grooming, and etiquette.
Former assistant and style manager to P.Diddy.
Step ya game up....Then keep it up.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Security vs Possibilty

In this day and time  job security is almost a thing of the past.I know this.However the the security can also be a suppressant to future possibilities.What  I've seen and learned over my years is that fear controls a lot of our actions.The fear of the unknown,uncertain,unsecure,etc.
An acronym for fear is broken down (F false E education A appearing R real).
We tend not to focus on what we want but what we don't want.So naturally your going to attract that which you fear.
Fear is always going to be present buts its how you face it.Feel the fear and do it anyway.
What we don't think about is the what this pre conceived notion disenables us of.Thats growth,to reach new plateua's higher grounds.I'm talking about 'Possibility' which can be endless.We will never know if we don't venture out to explore whats out there.It's almost like learning to swim where you hold on to the edges all the way around.Once you learn to let go ,you say hey this isn't so hard or bad at all.What I thought was going to happen didn't even happen.
The security of holding on can seem greater than the possibility that waits you in any endeavor.
A deadened job,a relationship,a partnership that has went bad,a decsion  about your future and the lifestyle and freedom you want.Not deciding about something is still deciding.
I have to admit Im guilty of this sometimes.It a tendency for some people to get stuck in routines and circumstances thats comfortable.With no challenge or stimulation.Who wants to live like that?You become numb to everything.
With building my ideal lifestyle I focus on what's out there.I already know what I have(the typical rat race)lifestyle .Been there done that,got a T-shirt.
By letting fear dictate your moves the only real security you'll have is social security after living a fraction of the life you could have lived.In which social security won't amount to much by the time you get it.You might be able to pay a light bill with it.
Open the door to new  possibilities,new income,new friends,new experiences.

"Live everyday like it's your last and one day you'll be right"
Frank Sinatra

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sometimes it's the questions you gotta ask yourself.

This is a video I came across by Jim Rohn.An motivational speaker and network marketer.He is no longer living.But had a lot of good material and strategies for life,businesss and personal development.I'll be doing more video content posting.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hard work(How bad do you want it?)

Hard work…..


If your are gonna go after something.I mean really go after what you want .Here’s a new flash for you.”Its Going to Take Hard Work”.Don’t misunderstand the work and commitment you have to put in to fight for your freedom or ideal life.

You cant just go at it passively and expect real results.You have to find the time to work on or at your thing whatever it is.Some people I know are weekend entrepreneurs or weekend enthusiasts. Meaning they only go at it on their off days.Which is somewhat understandable.Really you have to go at more than just two days a week if you want to speed up the process.

Believe me its no harder than getting up everyday doing something you dread or hate. Personally I realize how much energy that takes.Day in and day out.

So get focused and excited about your journey.You don’t have to got at with every waking moment but you do have to dedicate time to it. If you are inching towards your goal with time, patience and persistence you will eventually get there.It’s just having the staying power to endure the ride.I’ve been taking baby steps for awhile but I can see and feel the compound results of my efforts.When you arrive at a destination people will say oh”They got there over night”.What they don’t see is the sacrafices you’ve made.They only see the fruits of your labor and think it’s easy.

Which leads up to the next post “Security vs. Possibility” stay tuned

If people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all.” -Michelangelo

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Post(The 40 Club) one year in..

Happy Birthday! :      Shout out to all my Leo's

Last year was a milestone year for me.I was inducted into "The 40 Club"
This year I'll 41 . On Sunday 8/12/2012 tommorow
The second year of "The 40 Club"

My 40th Birthday  8/12/2011 in San Franciso.

I know its a nice group of us out there.That has turned 40 in the last couple years or in the 40's decade.Early 40's,mid and late.Well for me I gotta say it's a beautiful thing.If you've been taking care of youself your looking primed and seasoned now in life.Women starting getting sexier.Men we get sexier and more distingished.When either  a woman or man tells somebody how old they are the frist thing you hear is wow or really.Being 40 years young(notice the verbage)is not old.You just getting started really.
Here is my theory on our decade years.

In your 20's you really just trying to figure this thing out.
Either in college or choosing a career path.
Trying to jsut find your way.Kinda like trial and error you know?

In your 30's your trying to straighten everything out from the last deacade. It could be a failed relationship,credit issues,parenthood adjustment,job stability,wieght issues,image whatever the case may be.Now your trying to work thru all this and put things in order ,get on top of it.

Hopefully by your 40s your trying to line things up have that foundation layed.Really starting to get "You" straight.Trying to stabalize everything you know.
You know you at the 'Grown & Sexy' stage.You and you woman or man stepping out going to white linen parties,jazz concerts,You know sexy ,classy events.
Thanking God you have'nt lost your mind up to this point.Like the second half of your life is starting up.I've heard been called the "Fabalous Forties"

Now I'm speaking in a broad sense.I know this does'nt apply to everyone.Some people went bing,bing,bing thru every decade.This is more my genreal idea.
I looked back on the last year now.I ask my self where was my mind set then?Now?
I've had a change of mentality towards things.Getting more clear on how I want my life to be.
Lifestlye Design,creating my ideal lifestyle.I analyze where I'm at ,and where I want to go.
Developing the strategies to get there.
I think at The 40 year stages you make up mind  how you want things to be.Really getting clear about yourself and your life prioprties,goals and ambitons.
So to my 40 Club folks and everyone reading  I making this breif light post
continue to "Do You" if you have'nt started,start!!What are you wating on?It'll never be the right time.It'll always be something.Your never to old (per se )to be the person you wanna be.

Enjoy this prestigious decade know as
"The 40 club"

"You don't have to be great to start,but you gotta start to be great"
Zig Ziglar

Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's All In Your Mind

It all starts with your thoughts.If people really knew how powerful their thoughts were they would think more carefully.Only focusing on what they want not they don’t want.Everything you use product or service even this world all started from a thought.You will move in the direction of your most dominant thought(s).Have you ever noticed how mental work is sometimes more exhausting that physical work.
Some people get paid to think the work out,while others are paid to execute it.You know a person sitting down gets paid more than a person on their feet?That’s crazy isn’t it?
It’s a new world we live in were the more thought conscious are living more fulfilling lives.
I came across T.D Jakes
one morning .
He spoke about
 "The Power Of A Thought"
it really spoke to me that morning.
I've attached part 1 there is a part 2 also.

Thoughts are energy,vibrations sent throughout the universe.Once they’re put out there they attract that which was sent out by them.Usually if you think you can or can’t your right on both ends.
If you’re going be thinking anyway wouldn’t make since to think big?I mean what could hurt by thinking outside of your current income,job,spiritual path,finances,relationships or whatever your situation is you want to improve.
It’s been said that the mental work is harder than the physical that’s why so few engage in it.
Your true wealth and is in your knowledge not your physical possessions’ if you lost everything due to a fire,theft or any unforeseen tragedy’s long as you got the knowledge to acquire it.You can acquire it again.
Donald Trump lost millions and fell off early in his career turned around and re-made billions.It was his knowledge that got him back on top.
A mind once it stretched and exposed to new theories and ideas can never go back to the same shape.
Keep your mind fresh.Periodically renewed and exposed to new ideas ,people and environments.Be careful not let doubt,fear and criticism creep in.It takes energy to be and remain positive.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Patience is a talent…

Patience is a talent…..

Take a drive down Patience street...
To say be patient is so cliché isn’t it.To achieve anything great you must be steadfast and be able to exercise patience.It’s probably once of the most under valued qualities  of successful people spoken about.Even in my personal experience  its been times  when I thought things should have went a certain way at a certain time but didn’t and I couldn’t figure out why.
Sometimes God’s clock  is the clock we need to go by,not our own.Sometimes things are not all lined up to make every door or opportunity open.During your times of learning patience prepare diligently.Waste no time in downtime.When opportunity does appear and you’re not ready it will only make a fool out you.
First of all define what makes you impatient .Usually your expectations let you down.So lower your expectations of time,people and results.Still expect the best but be aware of things change and conditions change without warning.To show patience is a level of maturity and a wise person.Learn to tolerate things that seem untolerable.Try to look at things in a new way.The results are amazing sometimes.People and the universe will reward you for your efforts.Don’t get me wrong though it is a learned behavior and skill and will take some effort on your part.
While you’re being patience find out what else you can be catching up on or getting ahead on.
There is always something you can catch up on or take care while waiting.
Things can happen or change in the blink of an eye.Even if you’re taking baby steps towards goals eventually you’ll get there.How could you not?Only if you stop moving.Time plus effort equals results.To minimize time maximize effort.Make your moves and effort more calculated and efficient. Keep your head down,keep grinding .When it’s time to look up ,you’ll know.You’ll just feel it.
It’s not about waiting,it’s about having a positive  and the right attitude while waiting on something to manifest.While your working on it of course.

“Timing is so important! If you are going to be successful in dance, you must be able to respond to rhythm and timing. It’s the same in the Spirit. People who don’t understand God’s timing can become spiritually spastic, trying to make the right things happen at the wrong time. They don’t get His rhythm – and everyone can tell they are out of step. They birth things prematurely, threatening the very lives of their God-given dreams.” ~ T. D. Jakes

“The times we find ourselves having to wait on others may be the perfect opportunities to train ourselves to wait on the Lord.” ~ Joni Eareckson Tada

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Can I Keep It Real With You?

I want to be clear about who I am. Shed some insight about this journey I’m on.
I’m not saying I’m some guy who has got it all figured out and got all the answers.I’m in the process of  evolving and become the person I’ve always wanted to become.By the way you’re never to old to be who ant to be.Start where you are and keep going.Momentum builds up quick.Some people have known  all their life.Some are coming into their own
I felt that I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart.As far back as I can remember.I was born and raised in Louisville,Ky.My parents divorced when I was about 10.I use to visit my mother in Vegas every summer after my parents divorced.My first experience with  it was when I was about 11 years old.My mother and grandmother used to take me to the swap meet in Las Vegas.I seen how all the vendors where selling there stuff.
My grandmother used to sell some of her used household items.After about a few visits.I wanted to give it a shot.I had some Star Wars action figures that I had ben collecting.I gave it a shot and put them out in the market.They sold!!I was so amazed and how I had  a product that someone wanted.That really wet my taste for entrepreneurship.I was blown away.
Me and my cousin use to collect cans and cash them in.Whatever hustling I could do to earn a few bucks.As I got older I got into music,rapping that is.Starting making my demos and sending them off to record labels.Hoping to land a deal.I was about 15-16 then.My Mom used to help me mail the packages off.Later me and a partnerTerry Beals started an independent record label.We had a little success. Releasing an album in 1995.We had distributor rip us off.The lessons we learned I later realized were priceless in running a business.We set up our own distribution,tour,promo materials and everything.Still all forms of entrepreneurship.
I was always working jobs to fund my dreams and family sometimes two.I was young and ambitious around 19.
While working at The Santa Fe Hotel in the early 90's I met my future wife.She has always supported my goals and dreams.I support hers too.which is important for a couples I think.We've been together for 17 years now.
I'm am the father of four.
It just always felt like I was not gonna have a career at some company.I’ve always wanted to start my own companies.I picked up a lot of knowledge from the companies I’ve worked for and applied them to my business ideas.My heart was always never there.I felt I have to be here physically but not mentaly.I used to jot down ideas,rhymes,and other things in the course of an eight hour shift.I keep a little note pad with me.Co-workers thought I was crazy ,like what is he always writing down?
I’m still in to music but not the as far as rapping goes.In 1996 me and Demarlo Beals started a Dj service and later started our own DJ companies..I have a DJ/production company Fosflav Dj services these days.Just one of my companies. Under the name (DJ D.FOS) is where you can get  more info.My  heart has primarily always  been into music.Also I'm into other business models.Internet business and marketing.Various other products and services  as well.
Thru the years I use to question why does it feel like you have to got to work and leave your heart at home.It always feels like I’m leaving a apart of myself and home and it’s saying ok Dave see you when you get back.I know we all have to work to make a living and take care of our families and responsibilities.Which I never had a problem with that.I just want to work on things that I’m passionate about.Also with people that are passionate about what they do.Some many people hate their jobs.I can feel the negative energy all the time.I did’nt want to settle for that mindset.You hear things like oh just another day in paradise. It’s such a cliché know its not really paradise though.Or how was your weekend?I want everyday to feel like my weekend not just two little days.
So as I got older I realized that life is what’s happening while you are making plans.The sense of urgency has really set  in as I got into my late 30’s and now 40.We only get one shot at this game of life.I want to be doing what I love everyday as soon possible.You got to be self motivated and driven daily though.
Even after working sometimes 10 hours I still find the time to put a few hours into my endeavors.You cant just be motivated or an entrepreneur on your off days.
 In order to be comfortable later on in life.You gonna have to be uncomforatble for a period of time.That means sacrficing and pushing thorugh to work on what it is you wanna do.Look at your dreams like a second job that you want to replace your first job.if you can’t find the time your telling yourself it’s not important to you.People make time for what they wanna make time for based on priorities.But hey it’s not for everybody,some feel it’s much easier to let someone else be in charge(ex.The job,government).I've always wanted to call my own shots.
Don’t never feel  your time is up,keep planning,preparing and most of all dreaming big.
So I started this blog to document the process which is on going of my route to freedom to more passionate base work.Along the way I’m still learning.I want to motivate and inspire and learn from others as well.

I just wanted to keep it real with you about me for a minute….  

“Stay True to You”

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Reality is....

Unless you wanna spend the rest of your life making somebody else rich.You better get planning on your own vechile of income.
The employee model is not set up for you to get rich.Its designed for you to live..hence make a living.Save a little here go on a couple vacations a year.Wait till you 65 and get enough money to barley scrape by.Really is that how you want to end up.Think about the inflated cost of living from now till the nxt 20-25 years.Social security might be enough to just pay you’re a light bill with inflation.A story that amazes me in the one of Colonel Sanders founder of KFC.When he got his first social security check he said this is not for me.He didn’t start KFC until he  was 65.Wow! most people are ready to hang it up at that age.
I see the only alternative is to make a chance for yourself through entrepreneurship. It’s goanna be a road to travel with speed bumps  and decisions to make but at least you know your efforts are gonna benefit you in the long run.The sooner you start the better.
If you have a physical job like I do.What happens when you’re no longer able to perform at the level they want you to?Umhh…next!!!!
What about when your body can’t take it aymore?The company don’t want to hear it.
With the economy rapidly changing with downsizing and job elimination,you cant’ wait for your fate to be decided by those factors.A 5-10 year plan is reachable.Start somewhere.
Who wants to have to work at retirement age to makes ends meet?Your income will go down but your standard of living you will try to maintain. 
"You only retire from something you no longer wanna do.When you're doing what you love you do it as long as you can"
David M FoterIII

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Entrepreneur vs Employee

Which mind set best describes you?
All of us start out as employees of course.working for some one in some form or fashion. Some entrepreneurs are made and some are born. I just know that as I grew up I wanted financial freedom. Not to have my income,time,and lifestyle dictated by some one else.This probably stared in my late teens like 16.
If you’ve read Rich Dad poor Dad, there is a statement that makes so much sense. The statement is “Take a job to learn” earning is secondary. You might be learning about a industry or trade that you want to pursue .Some learning you get you would have to pay for. You could even volunteer your time if it’s going to get you closer to your goal.
Some people like their job.A rare number I know.But I would say 90-95% of people hate their job.The only way to love your job is to love what you do and it wont seem like a job.IT will be fulfilling and engaging.
Entrepreneurs create money while employee’s work for money.Big difference.
The only way to live the life you want   is by creating  a system of income that is unlimited and frees up your time.As an internet business,automated payment process.Something that requires minimal time and involvement.Running on autopilot.Letting the check be in the inbox.
Now another note is do you want a job or a business?Even if you are an entrepreneur and create a job of doing what you see as an unmet need.If your tied to that for it to work ,then it’s a job.But if you you develop a system that’s scalabe meaning there is exponential income potential.Where you can hire someone to  run it.That frees up your time.Allowing you to pursue other ventures and spend time with your family.While money is still coming in.
You might have to just oversee and manage the overall activities of your business.But not so hands on.As doing the actual work.
As employees our income is limited,caped off. Usually we’re on an hourly pay basis. I’ve learned that an hour is a long time.Alot can be done and a lot of money can be made in an hour.
Now think about this if a job pays you $50/hr ,you would say wow that’s great right?
But how much do you think they’re making to be able to pay you that wage?Of course more because they can afford it.The owner of the business has a system in place that allows this .
An  an entrepreneur is not all gravy either.You have to take risks and get your business established and profitable.Which could take time.but once you’re on this level of earning your on a different level of making money.You don’t look at things the same.Your payed for creating value for your market place.Sometimes you have to put in countless hours to produce this value.You have to be self motivated,driven and hungry for this path.If you want ownership of your lifestyle and income.
Why settle for a piece of the pie when you can bake and make your own pie?

Society will only pay you for what you are worth.

“You don’t get payed by the hour,you get payed by the value you bring to that hour”
Zig  Ziglar

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Only Person In Your Way Is....

Is you!You say huh?Right?
Recently watching this year’s  NBA playoffs.In particular Lebron James’ play.By now of course everyone knows they won.It was a total team effort no doubt.The play of Lebron James(Finals MVP) was elevated to the next level.Anybody following his career you know he has always had this potential.The naysayers,critics,and haters always expect so much from him.I’m sure he demanded a lot from himself too I’m sure.It was like he finally broke down the wall to his destiny.Especially after the loss The Heat had in last years finals.He had to go deep into himself and find that person who he really knew he was.
I'm not a Heat fan but a basketball fan in general(well a Laker fan)but i respect triumph and greatness when I see it.
This is my point in this post.Sometimes we know we can be or do something but we let fear,criticism,doubt and other factors rob us of our potential.Even myself at times.We are all more than we show or appear to be.
It took Lebron 9 years to win a championship .Not bad some players play all their life and don’t win one.
.But during those years it was like he knew he had it but couldn’t break through to this talent he had and live up to the expectations.
Have you ever achieved something which started in doubt then  doing it said as if you could have done it all along?That’s that thing Im speaking about.The break through to YOU!
During The Heat’s playoff run he played like a man possessed.People and teammates we’re witnessing the true Lebron come alive.
I also like to compare this to Neo in The Matrix.The Oracle told him he had it and was the one before he knew he was.He didn’t have the belief though,which was a  . Once he did everything clicked.
Remember Dorthoy in The Wizard of Oz?All along she had
the power within herself to go home when she wanted to.
What is it gonna take for you and your thing to click?
Think about what you’ve done and want to do.Stretch youself.Attempt the impossible(with good planning of course).Don’t limit yourself. Be the person you know you’re capable of being.Set high goals.Low goals you’ll achieve with no real growth.Choose what excites,motivates,and stimulates you.

An eagle does’nt read the weather  report….(Bishop T.D. Jakes)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

At Some Point....

At some point….
Your position could and will be eliminated,or outsourced.
It’ll be a business decision that’ll you’ll find yourself taking personal

At Some point…
They will hire somebody younger and cheaper once you become unable to perform at your normal standard.
They’ll pretty much force you out the door.

At some point…
The workload and hours will increase but the pay will only  nominally increase.
Profits up morale down.

At some point
 You will get tired of doing it just for the money once you become numb to it and the monotony sets in.
Work from your heart,and watching the clock waiting to get off won’t exist.

At some point
You will  want a change in lifestyle,but wait your job or career determines you will be helplessly tied to the lifestyle only it supports.
Who’s life is this anyway?This can’t be life

At some point…
You will feel you are worth more and want a raise,but wont be able to demand one.
Remember your worth is already pre-determined and factored into the budget and the company’s bottom line.
“You don’t get paid by the hour,You get paid by the value you bring to that hour”Zig Ziglar

At some point…
You will get fed up with the politics,senority,brown nosing and a host of other games played in the work place.
You should be judged by your work ethic .Not by kissing up to the man and laughing at his non funny jokes just to stroke his ego.

At some point
You will wake one day and wonder did I get here?Was this my plan?Or did the current just wash me over here?
"If you don't know where you're going any road will take you there"

At some point we have to make that decision
Live Life On Purpose

Sunday, June 10, 2012



Today I want to touch on some of the foundational principles of your success path and journey.
They deal with the spirit,mind and body.
First of all we must have our spirit in order.Meaning are you right with God and listening to him.
You cant just go about doing whatever and expect success in the physical world based on your spiritual world.Maybe you have some bad habits you need to get under control.Maybe it’s something holding you back all these years from your true prosperity.I’m not overly religious but I do believe in a higher power.I also believe that God has brought us all here not be limited.To seek him and get aligned with our purpose and passions.To live the life we imagine we can.
Author Neale Donald Walsh is his book Meditations from conversations with God has statements for everyday in the book.One stood out  to this post for May 15”Listen to me in the truth of your soul.Listen to me in the feelings of your heart.Listen to me in the quiet of your mind”
Once you get the spirit under control,you can master you mind and body to do the things in accordance with your goals.
How can you expect to control anything if you can’t control yourself?
The rapper Common has a song “G.O.D”(Gaining One’s Defintion) that’s deep laced with gems of spirituality.There is a line that he says”Be a slave to master self”Wow that’s a hard one to swallow.But resonates so true to me.
So check yourself daily even through out the day and ask.Is my thoughts,actions,and words in alignment with my goals?
If not then why not?And what outcome do I expect?
Listen to your soul let it guide you.It’s our built in GPS…

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Be original,Love Life

A few months back my wife bought us some coffee mugs from Starbucks.The mugs came with a pen to write on the mug then put it in the oven and you had your own personalized mug.So we both get to drawing and writing things on the cups .Symbols and words of who we are.It’s an interesting project to do with a group also.Almost like making a art project back in the day in art class.For me it kind of of symbolized the start of anew chapter in my life.  A goal of starting multiple companies and  making a living from passion  rather than grunt manual labor.
My coffee mug  DoYou!,Be original
All of us are born with an original stamp.Like ,interests, and style that no else has.Yet for some reason some of us are scared to be us(who we really are).I’ve noticed a a lot of people wear a socialablly acceptable mask.That is a fake persona they think they will be accept for.Yet deep down they are hiding their true self, talent and expression.They live lifes of quiet desperation.Dr Phil writes in his book The Authentic Self that “trying to hold a ball under water” is like trying to deny who you are.Have you ever tried to hold a ball under water?Well you know how hard that is.
Sometimes it takes time to find out who you really are .After trials and tribulations you discover your strengths and weaknesses and well as uniqueness.Kanye West has a chorus line in one of his songs”Everything I’m not made me everything I am”.I thought that was so profound when I heard that.Just be the best you.
The universe doesn’t need another copy ,it needs a unique soul to walk its own path while here on earth.I see a lot of people model other people because they have some admirable traits.That might be somewhat ok but whatever they’re doing might work for them,not you too.
 Be bold seek your core value and principles.How boring would it be if everybody was the same?We would be a bunch of drones running around.No individuality…..
Be original,Love life
My wife’s coffee mug
 “Love hard,laugh hard,love life”

Monday, May 28, 2012

“Permission For Greatness”

“Permission For Greatness”

You ,yes you were destined for greatness.It’s no mistake God doesn’t waste talent.You have to have  the courage to make an appointment with your greatness.Dig deep,go within or go without.Look at your mind and soul like a mine.You have to  get a little dirty in extracting your true treasures.People will try to hold you back or belittle you as if you need permission to be great. It could be your boss,co-workers,family,friends,negative people.They are so use to you being in a box.Where they got you all figured out.It’s ok when they know what they’re going to get all the time.They want you to be predictable and boring.Once you show signs and glimpses of growth and greatness they get scared.they feel your are leaving them in a space you met them at.Don’t feel sorry.Everybody is here developing at different stages of evolution.
You don’t need nobody’s permission to be great,to be the best version of yourself.We as people tend to get to pre occupied with the opinons of others.Some people only feel that way because they have no appointment with there own greatness.That’s their fault not yours.
Sometimes I marvel at how God came make everybody an original but we fail to live up to our potential.It’s easier to complain about your life and circumstances than to dare to live up to your true worth.People always wanted to take the easiest road.So stand up and seek the greatness that you had instilled in you at birth.Seek,discover,succced….
Don’t’ let nobody determine your worth.

“Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world.”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes (American Poet, Lecturer and Essayist, 1803-1882)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012



Do you do what you do?
It’s only one reason a person does something.It’s a statement to the universe of who you are.
I remember  reading The Def Jam records story about Russel Simmons and Rick Rubin(co –founders of Def Jam records).An upstart hip-hop label form the 80;s who brought us LL Cool J,the Beastie Boys ,and later Jay Z.
Were having a talk and  Rick was lik this is who we are.Russel’s point of view was more focused  how can we get paid by being who we are?
That really struck me.It’s one thing to be in your zone and be your authentic self the key is to find a way to earn a living from that.Can  you imagine if some of our greatest talent and minds had settled for just a job to pay the bills?Steve Jobs a waiter?Bill Gates a school teacher?
Russel Simmons a mailman?Donald Trump a doorman?Nothing wrong with these professions
But wow,look how much these people have contributed to the advancement in our society.
I’ve always tried to live to let the passion pay you.I know it’s easier said than done.
Can you imagine the feeling of waking up excited on Monday morning?The feeling should be I cant’t wait to get to work.Not on ol’ no another Monday.I want to live in a space where everyday feels like the weekend.Not a 2/7 existience living for 2 out 7 days.
When life goes buy and it does fast.You’ll question yourself and ask...
 Is this who I am?
Is this what I do?

Check out this clip by Tony Robbins
 Then why am I doing this?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dream Big,Plan Well,Go Hard!

Dream Big,Plan well,Go hard

Sums of all of what I embrace and embody. I feel everyone should not  settle for a meager existence. It takes  work to get the kind of ideal life you want.If were gonna be working towards something it might as well be something we want.
Why spend countless hours on a deadbeat treadmill of life?
I know we all get bogged down with the daily duties of life…Work,the kids,bills,car problems,health,etc.But somewhere along the lines we have to find the time,and patience to develop a strategy for a more fulfilling life.

Go after your dream ideal life with all you got.

Friday, May 11, 2012


And The Winner Of The Rat Race Is……

Do you really want to be the winner of that race?Even if you win your still a rat.Why bust your hump most of your life for somebody else?Its a given of course we gotta work for someone at some time and point in our lives.But if your not working on your own business ideas and goals in the meantime.Your burning daylight you can’t get back.
The 9 to 5 race is such an old way of living.Have you ever noticed the attitudes and posture of people at the work place?Nobody wants to be there,everybody walks around not smiling feeling and looking disgruntled.Who wants to be around negative energy like that?That’s unproductive and can rub off on you if you let it.It realy takes energy to will a positive attitude in an environment like that.The working class only talk  small talk was your weekend ?”They screwing me over this week” and other petty work related issues.Alot of people complain about the jobs but are unwilling to take action to improve there condition. It’s trivial B.S. ,junk food for the mind.The job will ever be fair when your playing by The Man’s rules.They’re not designed for you to win.They’re designed for you to be a nice little productive slave,grunt,hump,robot ,etc you get the picture.If you seen the movie The Matrix there was a line when Neo said”The human race was designed to be a battery”That line realy struck a nerve with me.For the first time I realized how true that was.I mean let’s face it who’s life is this anyway?Like the saying goes this isn’t a dress rehearsal. You gotta go after and design the lifestyle you want .You can just fantasize and not strategize. Which many are so guilty of doing.
I don’t wanna sound to religious or anything but God has bestowed gifts to all of us.Your job is to figure what they are.How to use them.Find out what you are passionate about.If you would do it for free but could see your self getting paid for it ,that’s it.
If your’re gonna chase cheese make sure its your own cheese your chasing not a piece of the big block.Someone else giving you tidbits and crumbs.
Recommended reading “Who Moved My Cheese”.
If your not working on your dreams your working on someone else’s
Go for yours…..