Monday, May 28, 2012

“Permission For Greatness”

“Permission For Greatness”

You ,yes you were destined for greatness.It’s no mistake God doesn’t waste talent.You have to have  the courage to make an appointment with your greatness.Dig deep,go within or go without.Look at your mind and soul like a mine.You have to  get a little dirty in extracting your true treasures.People will try to hold you back or belittle you as if you need permission to be great. It could be your boss,co-workers,family,friends,negative people.They are so use to you being in a box.Where they got you all figured out.It’s ok when they know what they’re going to get all the time.They want you to be predictable and boring.Once you show signs and glimpses of growth and greatness they get scared.they feel your are leaving them in a space you met them at.Don’t feel sorry.Everybody is here developing at different stages of evolution.
You don’t need nobody’s permission to be great,to be the best version of yourself.We as people tend to get to pre occupied with the opinons of others.Some people only feel that way because they have no appointment with there own greatness.That’s their fault not yours.
Sometimes I marvel at how God came make everybody an original but we fail to live up to our potential.It’s easier to complain about your life and circumstances than to dare to live up to your true worth.People always wanted to take the easiest road.So stand up and seek the greatness that you had instilled in you at birth.Seek,discover,succced….
Don’t’ let nobody determine your worth.

“Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world.”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes (American Poet, Lecturer and Essayist, 1803-1882)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012



Do you do what you do?
It’s only one reason a person does something.It’s a statement to the universe of who you are.
I remember  reading The Def Jam records story about Russel Simmons and Rick Rubin(co –founders of Def Jam records).An upstart hip-hop label form the 80;s who brought us LL Cool J,the Beastie Boys ,and later Jay Z.
Were having a talk and  Rick was lik this is who we are.Russel’s point of view was more focused  how can we get paid by being who we are?
That really struck me.It’s one thing to be in your zone and be your authentic self the key is to find a way to earn a living from that.Can  you imagine if some of our greatest talent and minds had settled for just a job to pay the bills?Steve Jobs a waiter?Bill Gates a school teacher?
Russel Simmons a mailman?Donald Trump a doorman?Nothing wrong with these professions
But wow,look how much these people have contributed to the advancement in our society.
I’ve always tried to live to let the passion pay you.I know it’s easier said than done.
Can you imagine the feeling of waking up excited on Monday morning?The feeling should be I cant’t wait to get to work.Not on ol’ no another Monday.I want to live in a space where everyday feels like the weekend.Not a 2/7 existience living for 2 out 7 days.
When life goes buy and it does fast.You’ll question yourself and ask...
 Is this who I am?
Is this what I do?

Check out this clip by Tony Robbins
 Then why am I doing this?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dream Big,Plan Well,Go Hard!

Dream Big,Plan well,Go hard

Sums of all of what I embrace and embody. I feel everyone should not  settle for a meager existence. It takes  work to get the kind of ideal life you want.If were gonna be working towards something it might as well be something we want.
Why spend countless hours on a deadbeat treadmill of life?
I know we all get bogged down with the daily duties of life…Work,the kids,bills,car problems,health,etc.But somewhere along the lines we have to find the time,and patience to develop a strategy for a more fulfilling life.

Go after your dream ideal life with all you got.

Friday, May 11, 2012


And The Winner Of The Rat Race Is……

Do you really want to be the winner of that race?Even if you win your still a rat.Why bust your hump most of your life for somebody else?Its a given of course we gotta work for someone at some time and point in our lives.But if your not working on your own business ideas and goals in the meantime.Your burning daylight you can’t get back.
The 9 to 5 race is such an old way of living.Have you ever noticed the attitudes and posture of people at the work place?Nobody wants to be there,everybody walks around not smiling feeling and looking disgruntled.Who wants to be around negative energy like that?That’s unproductive and can rub off on you if you let it.It realy takes energy to will a positive attitude in an environment like that.The working class only talk  small talk was your weekend ?”They screwing me over this week” and other petty work related issues.Alot of people complain about the jobs but are unwilling to take action to improve there condition. It’s trivial B.S. ,junk food for the mind.The job will ever be fair when your playing by The Man’s rules.They’re not designed for you to win.They’re designed for you to be a nice little productive slave,grunt,hump,robot ,etc you get the picture.If you seen the movie The Matrix there was a line when Neo said”The human race was designed to be a battery”That line realy struck a nerve with me.For the first time I realized how true that was.I mean let’s face it who’s life is this anyway?Like the saying goes this isn’t a dress rehearsal. You gotta go after and design the lifestyle you want .You can just fantasize and not strategize. Which many are so guilty of doing.
I don’t wanna sound to religious or anything but God has bestowed gifts to all of us.Your job is to figure what they are.How to use them.Find out what you are passionate about.If you would do it for free but could see your self getting paid for it ,that’s it.
If your’re gonna chase cheese make sure its your own cheese your chasing not a piece of the big block.Someone else giving you tidbits and crumbs.
Recommended reading “Who Moved My Cheese”.
If your not working on your dreams your working on someone else’s
Go for yours…..