Tuesday, May 22, 2012



Do you do what you do?
It’s only one reason a person does something.It’s a statement to the universe of who you are.
I remember  reading The Def Jam records story about Russel Simmons and Rick Rubin(co –founders of Def Jam records).An upstart hip-hop label form the 80;s who brought us LL Cool J,the Beastie Boys ,and later Jay Z.
Were having a talk and  Rick was lik this is who we are.Russel’s point of view was more focused  how can we get paid by being who we are?
That really struck me.It’s one thing to be in your zone and be your authentic self the key is to find a way to earn a living from that.Can  you imagine if some of our greatest talent and minds had settled for just a job to pay the bills?Steve Jobs a waiter?Bill Gates a school teacher?
Russel Simmons a mailman?Donald Trump a doorman?Nothing wrong with these professions
But wow,look how much these people have contributed to the advancement in our society.
I’ve always tried to live to let the passion pay you.I know it’s easier said than done.
Can you imagine the feeling of waking up excited on Monday morning?The feeling should be I cant’t wait to get to work.Not on ol’ no another Monday.I want to live in a space where everyday feels like the weekend.Not a 2/7 existience living for 2 out 7 days.
When life goes buy and it does fast.You’ll question yourself and ask...
 Is this who I am?
Is this what I do?

Check out this clip by Tony Robbins
 Then why am I doing this?

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