Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Only Person In Your Way Is....

Is you!You say huh?Right?
Recently watching this year’s  NBA playoffs.In particular Lebron James’ play.By now of course everyone knows they won.It was a total team effort no doubt.The play of Lebron James(Finals MVP) was elevated to the next level.Anybody following his career you know he has always had this potential.The naysayers,critics,and haters always expect so much from him.I’m sure he demanded a lot from himself too I’m sure.It was like he finally broke down the wall to his destiny.Especially after the loss The Heat had in last years finals.He had to go deep into himself and find that person who he really knew he was.
I'm not a Heat fan but a basketball fan in general(well a Laker fan)but i respect triumph and greatness when I see it.
This is my point in this post.Sometimes we know we can be or do something but we let fear,criticism,doubt and other factors rob us of our potential.Even myself at times.We are all more than we show or appear to be.
It took Lebron 9 years to win a championship .Not bad some players play all their life and don’t win one.
.But during those years it was like he knew he had it but couldn’t break through to this talent he had and live up to the expectations.
Have you ever achieved something which started in doubt then  doing it said as if you could have done it all along?That’s that thing Im speaking about.The break through to YOU!
During The Heat’s playoff run he played like a man possessed.People and teammates we’re witnessing the true Lebron come alive.
I also like to compare this to Neo in The Matrix.The Oracle told him he had it and was the one before he knew he was.He didn’t have the belief though,which was a  . Once he did everything clicked.
Remember Dorthoy in The Wizard of Oz?All along she had
the power within herself to go home when she wanted to.
What is it gonna take for you and your thing to click?
Think about what you’ve done and want to do.Stretch youself.Attempt the impossible(with good planning of course).Don’t limit yourself. Be the person you know you’re capable of being.Set high goals.Low goals you’ll achieve with no real growth.Choose what excites,motivates,and stimulates you.

An eagle does’nt read the weather  report….(Bishop T.D. Jakes)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

At Some Point....

At some point….
Your position could and will be eliminated,or outsourced.
It’ll be a business decision that’ll you’ll find yourself taking personal

At Some point…
They will hire somebody younger and cheaper once you become unable to perform at your normal standard.
They’ll pretty much force you out the door.

At some point…
The workload and hours will increase but the pay will only  nominally increase.
Profits up morale down.

At some point
 You will get tired of doing it just for the money once you become numb to it and the monotony sets in.
Work from your heart,and watching the clock waiting to get off won’t exist.

At some point
You will  want a change in lifestyle,but wait your job or career determines you will be helplessly tied to the lifestyle only it supports.
Who’s life is this anyway?This can’t be life

At some point…
You will feel you are worth more and want a raise,but wont be able to demand one.
Remember your worth is already pre-determined and factored into the budget and the company’s bottom line.
“You don’t get paid by the hour,You get paid by the value you bring to that hour”Zig Ziglar

At some point…
You will get fed up with the politics,senority,brown nosing and a host of other games played in the work place.
You should be judged by your work ethic .Not by kissing up to the man and laughing at his non funny jokes just to stroke his ego.

At some point
You will wake one day and wonder did I get here?Was this my plan?Or did the current just wash me over here?
"If you don't know where you're going any road will take you there"

At some point we have to make that decision
Live Life On Purpose

Sunday, June 10, 2012



Today I want to touch on some of the foundational principles of your success path and journey.
They deal with the spirit,mind and body.
First of all we must have our spirit in order.Meaning are you right with God and listening to him.
You cant just go about doing whatever and expect success in the physical world based on your spiritual world.Maybe you have some bad habits you need to get under control.Maybe it’s something holding you back all these years from your true prosperity.I’m not overly religious but I do believe in a higher power.I also believe that God has brought us all here not be limited.To seek him and get aligned with our purpose and passions.To live the life we imagine we can.
Author Neale Donald Walsh is his book Meditations from conversations with God has statements for everyday in the book.One stood out  to this post for May 15”Listen to me in the truth of your soul.Listen to me in the feelings of your heart.Listen to me in the quiet of your mind”
Once you get the spirit under control,you can master you mind and body to do the things in accordance with your goals.
How can you expect to control anything if you can’t control yourself?
The rapper Common has a song “G.O.D”(Gaining One’s Defintion) that’s deep laced with gems of spirituality.There is a line that he says”Be a slave to master self”Wow that’s a hard one to swallow.But resonates so true to me.
So check yourself daily even through out the day and ask.Is my thoughts,actions,and words in alignment with my goals?
If not then why not?And what outcome do I expect?
Listen to your soul let it guide you.It’s our built in GPS…

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Be original,Love Life

A few months back my wife bought us some coffee mugs from Starbucks.The mugs came with a pen to write on the mug then put it in the oven and you had your own personalized mug.So we both get to drawing and writing things on the cups .Symbols and words of who we are.It’s an interesting project to do with a group also.Almost like making a art project back in the day in art class.For me it kind of of symbolized the start of anew chapter in my life.  A goal of starting multiple companies and  making a living from passion  rather than grunt manual labor.
My coffee mug  DoYou!,Be original
All of us are born with an original stamp.Like ,interests, and style that no else has.Yet for some reason some of us are scared to be us(who we really are).I’ve noticed a a lot of people wear a socialablly acceptable mask.That is a fake persona they think they will be accept for.Yet deep down they are hiding their true self, talent and expression.They live lifes of quiet desperation.Dr Phil writes in his book The Authentic Self that “trying to hold a ball under water” is like trying to deny who you are.Have you ever tried to hold a ball under water?Well you know how hard that is.
Sometimes it takes time to find out who you really are .After trials and tribulations you discover your strengths and weaknesses and well as uniqueness.Kanye West has a chorus line in one of his songs”Everything I’m not made me everything I am”.I thought that was so profound when I heard that.Just be the best you.
The universe doesn’t need another copy ,it needs a unique soul to walk its own path while here on earth.I see a lot of people model other people because they have some admirable traits.That might be somewhat ok but whatever they’re doing might work for them,not you too.
 Be bold seek your core value and principles.How boring would it be if everybody was the same?We would be a bunch of drones running around.No individuality…..
Be original,Love life
My wife’s coffee mug
 “Love hard,laugh hard,love life”