Sunday, June 17, 2012

At Some Point....

At some point….
Your position could and will be eliminated,or outsourced.
It’ll be a business decision that’ll you’ll find yourself taking personal

At Some point…
They will hire somebody younger and cheaper once you become unable to perform at your normal standard.
They’ll pretty much force you out the door.

At some point…
The workload and hours will increase but the pay will only  nominally increase.
Profits up morale down.

At some point
 You will get tired of doing it just for the money once you become numb to it and the monotony sets in.
Work from your heart,and watching the clock waiting to get off won’t exist.

At some point
You will  want a change in lifestyle,but wait your job or career determines you will be helplessly tied to the lifestyle only it supports.
Who’s life is this anyway?This can’t be life

At some point…
You will feel you are worth more and want a raise,but wont be able to demand one.
Remember your worth is already pre-determined and factored into the budget and the company’s bottom line.
“You don’t get paid by the hour,You get paid by the value you bring to that hour”Zig Ziglar

At some point…
You will get fed up with the politics,senority,brown nosing and a host of other games played in the work place.
You should be judged by your work ethic .Not by kissing up to the man and laughing at his non funny jokes just to stroke his ego.

At some point
You will wake one day and wonder did I get here?Was this my plan?Or did the current just wash me over here?
"If you don't know where you're going any road will take you there"

At some point we have to make that decision
Live Life On Purpose

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