Sunday, June 3, 2012

Be original,Love Life

A few months back my wife bought us some coffee mugs from Starbucks.The mugs came with a pen to write on the mug then put it in the oven and you had your own personalized mug.So we both get to drawing and writing things on the cups .Symbols and words of who we are.It’s an interesting project to do with a group also.Almost like making a art project back in the day in art class.For me it kind of of symbolized the start of anew chapter in my life.  A goal of starting multiple companies and  making a living from passion  rather than grunt manual labor.
My coffee mug  DoYou!,Be original
All of us are born with an original stamp.Like ,interests, and style that no else has.Yet for some reason some of us are scared to be us(who we really are).I’ve noticed a a lot of people wear a socialablly acceptable mask.That is a fake persona they think they will be accept for.Yet deep down they are hiding their true self, talent and expression.They live lifes of quiet desperation.Dr Phil writes in his book The Authentic Self that “trying to hold a ball under water” is like trying to deny who you are.Have you ever tried to hold a ball under water?Well you know how hard that is.
Sometimes it takes time to find out who you really are .After trials and tribulations you discover your strengths and weaknesses and well as uniqueness.Kanye West has a chorus line in one of his songs”Everything I’m not made me everything I am”.I thought that was so profound when I heard that.Just be the best you.
The universe doesn’t need another copy ,it needs a unique soul to walk its own path while here on earth.I see a lot of people model other people because they have some admirable traits.That might be somewhat ok but whatever they’re doing might work for them,not you too.
 Be bold seek your core value and principles.How boring would it be if everybody was the same?We would be a bunch of drones running around.No individuality…..
Be original,Love life
My wife’s coffee mug
 “Love hard,laugh hard,love life”

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