Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Only Person In Your Way Is....

Is you!You say huh?Right?
Recently watching this year’s  NBA playoffs.In particular Lebron James’ play.By now of course everyone knows they won.It was a total team effort no doubt.The play of Lebron James(Finals MVP) was elevated to the next level.Anybody following his career you know he has always had this potential.The naysayers,critics,and haters always expect so much from him.I’m sure he demanded a lot from himself too I’m sure.It was like he finally broke down the wall to his destiny.Especially after the loss The Heat had in last years finals.He had to go deep into himself and find that person who he really knew he was.
I'm not a Heat fan but a basketball fan in general(well a Laker fan)but i respect triumph and greatness when I see it.
This is my point in this post.Sometimes we know we can be or do something but we let fear,criticism,doubt and other factors rob us of our potential.Even myself at times.We are all more than we show or appear to be.
It took Lebron 9 years to win a championship .Not bad some players play all their life and don’t win one.
.But during those years it was like he knew he had it but couldn’t break through to this talent he had and live up to the expectations.
Have you ever achieved something which started in doubt then  doing it said as if you could have done it all along?That’s that thing Im speaking about.The break through to YOU!
During The Heat’s playoff run he played like a man possessed.People and teammates we’re witnessing the true Lebron come alive.
I also like to compare this to Neo in The Matrix.The Oracle told him he had it and was the one before he knew he was.He didn’t have the belief though,which was a  . Once he did everything clicked.
Remember Dorthoy in The Wizard of Oz?All along she had
the power within herself to go home when she wanted to.
What is it gonna take for you and your thing to click?
Think about what you’ve done and want to do.Stretch youself.Attempt the impossible(with good planning of course).Don’t limit yourself. Be the person you know you’re capable of being.Set high goals.Low goals you’ll achieve with no real growth.Choose what excites,motivates,and stimulates you.

An eagle does’nt read the weather  report….(Bishop T.D. Jakes)

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