Sunday, June 10, 2012



Today I want to touch on some of the foundational principles of your success path and journey.
They deal with the spirit,mind and body.
First of all we must have our spirit in order.Meaning are you right with God and listening to him.
You cant just go about doing whatever and expect success in the physical world based on your spiritual world.Maybe you have some bad habits you need to get under control.Maybe it’s something holding you back all these years from your true prosperity.I’m not overly religious but I do believe in a higher power.I also believe that God has brought us all here not be limited.To seek him and get aligned with our purpose and passions.To live the life we imagine we can.
Author Neale Donald Walsh is his book Meditations from conversations with God has statements for everyday in the book.One stood out  to this post for May 15”Listen to me in the truth of your soul.Listen to me in the feelings of your heart.Listen to me in the quiet of your mind”
Once you get the spirit under control,you can master you mind and body to do the things in accordance with your goals.
How can you expect to control anything if you can’t control yourself?
The rapper Common has a song “G.O.D”(Gaining One’s Defintion) that’s deep laced with gems of spirituality.There is a line that he says”Be a slave to master self”Wow that’s a hard one to swallow.But resonates so true to me.
So check yourself daily even through out the day and ask.Is my thoughts,actions,and words in alignment with my goals?
If not then why not?And what outcome do I expect?
Listen to your soul let it guide you.It’s our built in GPS…

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