Sunday, July 15, 2012

Can I Keep It Real With You?

I want to be clear about who I am. Shed some insight about this journey I’m on.
I’m not saying I’m some guy who has got it all figured out and got all the answers.I’m in the process of  evolving and become the person I’ve always wanted to become.By the way you’re never to old to be who ant to be.Start where you are and keep going.Momentum builds up quick.Some people have known  all their life.Some are coming into their own
I felt that I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart.As far back as I can remember.I was born and raised in Louisville,Ky.My parents divorced when I was about 10.I use to visit my mother in Vegas every summer after my parents divorced.My first experience with  it was when I was about 11 years old.My mother and grandmother used to take me to the swap meet in Las Vegas.I seen how all the vendors where selling there stuff.
My grandmother used to sell some of her used household items.After about a few visits.I wanted to give it a shot.I had some Star Wars action figures that I had ben collecting.I gave it a shot and put them out in the market.They sold!!I was so amazed and how I had  a product that someone wanted.That really wet my taste for entrepreneurship.I was blown away.
Me and my cousin use to collect cans and cash them in.Whatever hustling I could do to earn a few bucks.As I got older I got into music,rapping that is.Starting making my demos and sending them off to record labels.Hoping to land a deal.I was about 15-16 then.My Mom used to help me mail the packages off.Later me and a partnerTerry Beals started an independent record label.We had a little success. Releasing an album in 1995.We had distributor rip us off.The lessons we learned I later realized were priceless in running a business.We set up our own distribution,tour,promo materials and everything.Still all forms of entrepreneurship.
I was always working jobs to fund my dreams and family sometimes two.I was young and ambitious around 19.
While working at The Santa Fe Hotel in the early 90's I met my future wife.She has always supported my goals and dreams.I support hers too.which is important for a couples I think.We've been together for 17 years now.
I'm am the father of four.
It just always felt like I was not gonna have a career at some company.I’ve always wanted to start my own companies.I picked up a lot of knowledge from the companies I’ve worked for and applied them to my business ideas.My heart was always never there.I felt I have to be here physically but not mentaly.I used to jot down ideas,rhymes,and other things in the course of an eight hour shift.I keep a little note pad with me.Co-workers thought I was crazy ,like what is he always writing down?
I’m still in to music but not the as far as rapping goes.In 1996 me and Demarlo Beals started a Dj service and later started our own DJ companies..I have a DJ/production company Fosflav Dj services these days.Just one of my companies. Under the name (DJ D.FOS) is where you can get  more info.My  heart has primarily always  been into music.Also I'm into other business models.Internet business and marketing.Various other products and services  as well.
Thru the years I use to question why does it feel like you have to got to work and leave your heart at home.It always feels like I’m leaving a apart of myself and home and it’s saying ok Dave see you when you get back.I know we all have to work to make a living and take care of our families and responsibilities.Which I never had a problem with that.I just want to work on things that I’m passionate about.Also with people that are passionate about what they do.Some many people hate their jobs.I can feel the negative energy all the time.I did’nt want to settle for that mindset.You hear things like oh just another day in paradise. It’s such a cliché know its not really paradise though.Or how was your weekend?I want everyday to feel like my weekend not just two little days.
So as I got older I realized that life is what’s happening while you are making plans.The sense of urgency has really set  in as I got into my late 30’s and now 40.We only get one shot at this game of life.I want to be doing what I love everyday as soon possible.You got to be self motivated and driven daily though.
Even after working sometimes 10 hours I still find the time to put a few hours into my endeavors.You cant just be motivated or an entrepreneur on your off days.
 In order to be comfortable later on in life.You gonna have to be uncomforatble for a period of time.That means sacrficing and pushing thorugh to work on what it is you wanna do.Look at your dreams like a second job that you want to replace your first job.if you can’t find the time your telling yourself it’s not important to you.People make time for what they wanna make time for based on priorities.But hey it’s not for everybody,some feel it’s much easier to let someone else be in charge(ex.The job,government).I've always wanted to call my own shots.
Don’t never feel  your time is up,keep planning,preparing and most of all dreaming big.
So I started this blog to document the process which is on going of my route to freedom to more passionate base work.Along the way I’m still learning.I want to motivate and inspire and learn from others as well.

I just wanted to keep it real with you about me for a minute….  

“Stay True to You”

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