Sunday, July 1, 2012

Entrepreneur vs Employee

Which mind set best describes you?
All of us start out as employees of course.working for some one in some form or fashion. Some entrepreneurs are made and some are born. I just know that as I grew up I wanted financial freedom. Not to have my income,time,and lifestyle dictated by some one else.This probably stared in my late teens like 16.
If you’ve read Rich Dad poor Dad, there is a statement that makes so much sense. The statement is “Take a job to learn” earning is secondary. You might be learning about a industry or trade that you want to pursue .Some learning you get you would have to pay for. You could even volunteer your time if it’s going to get you closer to your goal.
Some people like their job.A rare number I know.But I would say 90-95% of people hate their job.The only way to love your job is to love what you do and it wont seem like a job.IT will be fulfilling and engaging.
Entrepreneurs create money while employee’s work for money.Big difference.
The only way to live the life you want   is by creating  a system of income that is unlimited and frees up your time.As an internet business,automated payment process.Something that requires minimal time and involvement.Running on autopilot.Letting the check be in the inbox.
Now another note is do you want a job or a business?Even if you are an entrepreneur and create a job of doing what you see as an unmet need.If your tied to that for it to work ,then it’s a job.But if you you develop a system that’s scalabe meaning there is exponential income potential.Where you can hire someone to  run it.That frees up your time.Allowing you to pursue other ventures and spend time with your family.While money is still coming in.
You might have to just oversee and manage the overall activities of your business.But not so hands on.As doing the actual work.
As employees our income is limited,caped off. Usually we’re on an hourly pay basis. I’ve learned that an hour is a long time.Alot can be done and a lot of money can be made in an hour.
Now think about this if a job pays you $50/hr ,you would say wow that’s great right?
But how much do you think they’re making to be able to pay you that wage?Of course more because they can afford it.The owner of the business has a system in place that allows this .
An  an entrepreneur is not all gravy either.You have to take risks and get your business established and profitable.Which could take time.but once you’re on this level of earning your on a different level of making money.You don’t look at things the same.Your payed for creating value for your market place.Sometimes you have to put in countless hours to produce this value.You have to be self motivated,driven and hungry for this path.If you want ownership of your lifestyle and income.
Why settle for a piece of the pie when you can bake and make your own pie?

Society will only pay you for what you are worth.

“You don’t get payed by the hour,you get payed by the value you bring to that hour”
Zig  Ziglar

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