Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's All In Your Mind

It all starts with your thoughts.If people really knew how powerful their thoughts were they would think more carefully.Only focusing on what they want not they don’t want.Everything you use product or service even this world all started from a thought.You will move in the direction of your most dominant thought(s).Have you ever noticed how mental work is sometimes more exhausting that physical work.
Some people get paid to think the work out,while others are paid to execute it.You know a person sitting down gets paid more than a person on their feet?That’s crazy isn’t it?
It’s a new world we live in were the more thought conscious are living more fulfilling lives.
I came across T.D Jakes
one morning .
He spoke about
 "The Power Of A Thought"
it really spoke to me that morning.
I've attached part 1 there is a part 2 also.

Thoughts are energy,vibrations sent throughout the universe.Once they’re put out there they attract that which was sent out by them.Usually if you think you can or can’t your right on both ends.
If you’re going be thinking anyway wouldn’t make since to think big?I mean what could hurt by thinking outside of your current income,job,spiritual path,finances,relationships or whatever your situation is you want to improve.
It’s been said that the mental work is harder than the physical that’s why so few engage in it.
Your true wealth and is in your knowledge not your physical possessions’ if you lost everything due to a fire,theft or any unforeseen tragedy’s long as you got the knowledge to acquire it.You can acquire it again.
Donald Trump lost millions and fell off early in his career turned around and re-made billions.It was his knowledge that got him back on top.
A mind once it stretched and exposed to new theories and ideas can never go back to the same shape.
Keep your mind fresh.Periodically renewed and exposed to new ideas ,people and environments.Be careful not let doubt,fear and criticism creep in.It takes energy to be and remain positive.

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