Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Reality is....

Unless you wanna spend the rest of your life making somebody else rich.You better get planning on your own vechile of income.
The employee model is not set up for you to get rich.Its designed for you to live..hence make a living.Save a little here go on a couple vacations a year.Wait till you 65 and get enough money to barley scrape by.Really is that how you want to end up.Think about the inflated cost of living from now till the nxt 20-25 years.Social security might be enough to just pay you’re a light bill with inflation.A story that amazes me in the one of Colonel Sanders founder of KFC.When he got his first social security check he said this is not for me.He didn’t start KFC until he  was 65.Wow! most people are ready to hang it up at that age.
I see the only alternative is to make a chance for yourself through entrepreneurship. It’s goanna be a road to travel with speed bumps  and decisions to make but at least you know your efforts are gonna benefit you in the long run.The sooner you start the better.
If you have a physical job like I do.What happens when you’re no longer able to perform at the level they want you to?Umhh…next!!!!
What about when your body can’t take it aymore?The company don’t want to hear it.
With the economy rapidly changing with downsizing and job elimination,you cant’ wait for your fate to be decided by those factors.A 5-10 year plan is reachable.Start somewhere.
Who wants to have to work at retirement age to makes ends meet?Your income will go down but your standard of living you will try to maintain. 
"You only retire from something you no longer wanna do.When you're doing what you love you do it as long as you can"
David M FoterIII

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