Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hard work(How bad do you want it?)

Hard work…..


If your are gonna go after something.I mean really go after what you want .Here’s a new flash for you.”Its Going to Take Hard Work”.Don’t misunderstand the work and commitment you have to put in to fight for your freedom or ideal life.

You cant just go at it passively and expect real results.You have to find the time to work on or at your thing whatever it is.Some people I know are weekend entrepreneurs or weekend enthusiasts. Meaning they only go at it on their off days.Which is somewhat understandable.Really you have to go at more than just two days a week if you want to speed up the process.

Believe me its no harder than getting up everyday doing something you dread or hate. Personally I realize how much energy that takes.Day in and day out.

So get focused and excited about your journey.You don’t have to got at with every waking moment but you do have to dedicate time to it. If you are inching towards your goal with time, patience and persistence you will eventually get there.It’s just having the staying power to endure the ride.I’ve been taking baby steps for awhile but I can see and feel the compound results of my efforts.When you arrive at a destination people will say oh”They got there over night”.What they don’t see is the sacrafices you’ve made.They only see the fruits of your labor and think it’s easy.

Which leads up to the next post “Security vs. Possibility” stay tuned

If people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all.” -Michelangelo

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Post(The 40 Club) one year in..

Happy Birthday! :      Shout out to all my Leo's

Last year was a milestone year for me.I was inducted into "The 40 Club"
This year I'll 41 . On Sunday 8/12/2012 tommorow
The second year of "The 40 Club"

My 40th Birthday  8/12/2011 in San Franciso.

I know its a nice group of us out there.That has turned 40 in the last couple years or in the 40's decade.Early 40's,mid and late.Well for me I gotta say it's a beautiful thing.If you've been taking care of youself your looking primed and seasoned now in life.Women starting getting sexier.Men we get sexier and more distingished.When either  a woman or man tells somebody how old they are the frist thing you hear is wow or really.Being 40 years young(notice the verbage)is not old.You just getting started really.
Here is my theory on our decade years.

In your 20's you really just trying to figure this thing out.
Either in college or choosing a career path.
Trying to jsut find your way.Kinda like trial and error you know?

In your 30's your trying to straighten everything out from the last deacade. It could be a failed relationship,credit issues,parenthood adjustment,job stability,wieght issues,image whatever the case may be.Now your trying to work thru all this and put things in order ,get on top of it.

Hopefully by your 40s your trying to line things up have that foundation layed.Really starting to get "You" straight.Trying to stabalize everything you know.
You know you at the 'Grown & Sexy' stage.You and you woman or man stepping out going to white linen parties,jazz concerts,You know sexy ,classy events.
Thanking God you have'nt lost your mind up to this point.Like the second half of your life is starting up.I've heard been called the "Fabalous Forties"

Now I'm speaking in a broad sense.I know this does'nt apply to everyone.Some people went bing,bing,bing thru every decade.This is more my genreal idea.
I looked back on the last year now.I ask my self where was my mind set then?Now?
I've had a change of mentality towards things.Getting more clear on how I want my life to be.
Lifestlye Design,creating my ideal lifestyle.I analyze where I'm at ,and where I want to go.
Developing the strategies to get there.
I think at The 40 year stages you make up mind  how you want things to be.Really getting clear about yourself and your life prioprties,goals and ambitons.
So to my 40 Club folks and everyone reading  I making this breif light post
continue to "Do You" if you have'nt started,start!!What are you wating on?It'll never be the right time.It'll always be something.Your never to old (per se )to be the person you wanna be.

Enjoy this prestigious decade know as
"The 40 club"

"You don't have to be great to start,but you gotta start to be great"
Zig Ziglar