Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fella's Step Ya Grooming Game Up

Hey what's up my fellas?
Isn't it embarrassing when you gotta tell somebody they got bad breath?Or you wanna tell them they do?Your personal appearance and grooming says a lot of your character.Your manners and etiquette are also tied into that.Not saying to have to be a square or nothing.Just know the situation and how to conduct yourself of gentleman,grown man level.
Also in the Recommended reading section to the right is the link to buy his book Advance Your Swagger.Either the hard copy or digital kindle version.
Here's a lil clip from Fonsworth Bentley the hip-hop gentleman on manners,grooming, and etiquette.
Former assistant and style manager to P.Diddy.
Step ya game up....Then keep it up.

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