Saturday, November 17, 2012

Security vs Possibilty

In this day and time  job security is almost a thing of the past.I know this.However the the security can also be a suppressant to future possibilities.What  I've seen and learned over my years is that fear controls a lot of our actions.The fear of the unknown,uncertain,unsecure,etc.
An acronym for fear is broken down (F false E education A appearing R real).
We tend not to focus on what we want but what we don't want.So naturally your going to attract that which you fear.
Fear is always going to be present buts its how you face it.Feel the fear and do it anyway.
What we don't think about is the what this pre conceived notion disenables us of.Thats growth,to reach new plateua's higher grounds.I'm talking about 'Possibility' which can be endless.We will never know if we don't venture out to explore whats out there.It's almost like learning to swim where you hold on to the edges all the way around.Once you learn to let go ,you say hey this isn't so hard or bad at all.What I thought was going to happen didn't even happen.
The security of holding on can seem greater than the possibility that waits you in any endeavor.
A deadened job,a relationship,a partnership that has went bad,a decsion  about your future and the lifestyle and freedom you want.Not deciding about something is still deciding.
I have to admit Im guilty of this sometimes.It a tendency for some people to get stuck in routines and circumstances thats comfortable.With no challenge or stimulation.Who wants to live like that?You become numb to everything.
With building my ideal lifestyle I focus on what's out there.I already know what I have(the typical rat race)lifestyle .Been there done that,got a T-shirt.
By letting fear dictate your moves the only real security you'll have is social security after living a fraction of the life you could have lived.In which social security won't amount to much by the time you get it.You might be able to pay a light bill with it.
Open the door to new  possibilities,new income,new friends,new experiences.

"Live everyday like it's your last and one day you'll be right"
Frank Sinatra

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