Sunday, December 2, 2012

Are You Living Your Legacy?

Are you living your legacy?That's a question I ask my self daily.What about you?
When its all said and done what kind  life are you going to have lived?
You were born with special gifts and talents  no one else has.How are you using them?It's not about getting rich or paying bills.How many peoples lives have you made better along the way?
"If you help enough people get what they want you will have what you want" Zig Ziglar
Did you make your presence here felt?Did you live?Did you matter?
Now I'm not saying that you have to achieve some great humanitarian feat or anything.What role did you play with the cards you were dealt?
What will your eulogy read?When God opens up the book of your life how will it read?
(I ask these questions for you to question yourself.)
For me personally I want to live each day to the fullest.On the path of my destiny and legacy.
Time is to precious to sit idle and not plan or prepare.I strive daily to get aligned with where I want my life to go.
I just look at the some of the great contributors of this century.Take for instance Steve Jobs of Apple did he know when his number was gonna be called ?I bet not but look at the legacy and contribution he left behind.Forget the money Apple or himself made.He want to improve people's lives with his products.
Now look at Michael Jackson different industry but wow look at the legacy he left behind.His work will live forever.He was a perfectionist about his craft.He touched people's lives in a different way.By inspiring them to be great at what they do.
 Another ,Martin Luther King his mission was about unity and helping those fight for rights.He thought he would be assassinated for living his legacy.He was truly truing to make the world a better place.
This example is personal my brother-in law James Manor was a all around good guy.Even before he was a Metro police officer he was involved in so many people's lives.He help the youth better themselves.Was a fitness and workout king. Helped you get in shape if you could hang.Just a genuine spirit.A God loving man, a father,son and brother.Before his life was cut short he amassed so much of his legacy in small time.He truly made a contribution and left this world better by his acts.

Just a couple of examples but the point being we never know when our number is going to be called.
Your work on this earth will be left behind and documented.Every day a page is being written in your legacy book.Decide  to you be someone or something that people will talk about in a positive way.
I want to leave enough behind for my kids and kids that haven't even been born to remember and look back on.You could inspire generations to come.
Find your place in this's the dash 1971-.....

"Legacy is greater than currency" Gary Vayerchuk