Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The BreakThru..2013

First off Happy New and prosperous Year to you!
A couple of weeks ago I declared that 2013 was gonna be my BreakThru year.On all levels personal,professional and spiritual.I've decided to set high goals.Ones I really have to commit,persist and fight for.
How about you?What's on your agenda for 2013?Are you tired of not seeing progress?Not measuring efforts and results?Make a commitment to yourself(Bet on you!!) to make the biggest stride you've ever made.Or even a bigger stride than you have.Then hold yourself accountable because no one else will.
1)Plan-2)Take action-3)Measure progress-4)Adjust to get desired outcome.Check in quarterly to make sure your actions are in line with your goals .Keep yourself in check !.
I'm thinking about where my life is now and  where I want to go.A roadmap.But as with any destination you need a strategy and direction.
"If you don't know where you're going,any road will take you there"
It's also important to maintain the excitement and drive as when you first start.You know how it tends to fall off after the grinding gets started.So engage in activities that renew and re-energize your mission.
It's so easy to fall back into complacency and feel like your not getting nowhere.
When the pain is strong enough about your situation only then will you decide to do something about it.
I'm demanding more of myself than anyone could ask for.I have to set my own higher standards.
The BreakThru is all about elevating your mindstate.That's what it all comes down to.
I started a circle on Google + MotivatedMindSet.It's like a master group for ambitious,motivated,inspired people.I feel like minded people can motivate,teach and inspire each others.
A year goes by faster than we think now a days.To minimize the time you have to maximize the effort.
Find the time to plan and work out your plan.If you think you don't have time.Look at your activities against your goals.Find where you're losing or wasting time.You gotta be your own manager sometimes.
I look at life like a pie and with your responsibilites and demands everybody gets a slice and you're left with the crust.The thing about it is you bake and the pie and your not entilted to a slice?I can't accept the standard society perscripton of that.So my goal is to gain more time,income and freedom.On my terms not someone else having control.It ties into to helping people with my passions and interests.
So make a statement this year.Demand more of yourself set high goals you have to work and sweat for.

To be comfortable later in life your gonna have to be uncomfortable now and grind it out.
(David Foster)

Stay Focused!! 2013 Live The Dream

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