Saturday, February 2, 2013

Who are The Grown & Sexy...

Now the term Grown & Sexy might be dated.However it is still relevent at times.There is really no other term to describe this type of person.Now to me Grown & Sexy is when you bout 30 years old or older to about 45.You know how it was said 30 is the 40.(The 25 year old age group is right behind this crowd) .You and your wife or girl steppin out gettin ya groove on.Grown up style hitting the dance floor when Franky Beverly and Maze comes on.Now you can groove with the current music ,like what your teen-ager listens to.You know how to groove grown to that though.Not looking young but still hip ,ya know?...You might be seen doing the latest dance.
You and yours could be into church but still hip.Been in the world all your life.People might think you square cause you got in a new world.But hey you been in the real  world all your life ,come on now.Or you may not just good cool people.It does'nt matter.The Grown & Sexy is everything in between them two types.Dressed sharp.Fellas could have a light sag ,but rocking that button up.Or fly to def in they suit or outfit.   Here is a Grown n Sexy mix by DJ DFOS
You got kids old enough to watch themselves or they can watch the younger kids so ya'll can have a night out.Now ya'll might not get out all the time but when you do you really try to enjoy yourselves cause it might be a little time between getting out.If you drink,you  might have a few drinks but don't get sloppy.You can hold it together.Cause at this point in your life you got it together.Kids are about to graduate form high school or even college.It's bout time to start "Doing You" to the fullest.

Forever Young .....Stay Grown n Sexy....

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