Friday, January 3, 2014

Thank God it's Friday... Oh God it'sMonday

Is this a normal week for you? Well this us about 98% of the workforce. Now is this we're you want to be and stay at for the duration of your working years.Kicking, scratching and fighting just for those 2 days of your so called weekend. With family, personal , responsibilities ,resting and any other things that come up.How much of these 48 hours do you really have.Think about it,out of your pie,your time,life how many people to you owe and give a slice to?And how much is left for you?The crust maybe or maybe a thin slice?

Over the years I've learned that time is more valuable than money.There is no limit to the amount of money you can make in a designated time ,but there are only so many hours in a day.This is why a hourly wage(trading time for money)is the lowest way of earning your worth.A lot can be accomplished in an hour.As an employee our earning $ is capped off at a set rate.
Growing as an entrepreneur I realized why it takes a little longer to get to your destination while maintaing a job.Most of your waking hours are dedicated to working on someone else's dream.
The time and energy you have left has to managed and dispersed properly to acheive your goal(s).With a current 9-5,family,other responsibilites,sleep,etc you really have to get the most effective use of your time if your truly committed and focused.
Now when the so called weekend comes your juggling everything else you have to do while chasing your dreams.Set and make time for you,you give it to everyone else.Don't forget to invest in the most important commodity,yourself!!

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