Monday, March 16, 2015

Book Recommendation:The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

If you are  or not a morning person this book will help get the most out of your mornings.It will have you reconsidering how you spend the first hour of your day.Which is so critical and sets the tone for the whole day.If you don't have a routine.You should consider one.You can implement such things as prayer,meditation,excersie,reading,journal entrties,proper nutriton,etc.
Most of us(including me) drag out of bed every morning.Hitting the snooze button.Not wanting to start the drudergy of our day.Mainly because we are doing something we are not excitied about.If you are one of the ones who happen to be doing something that gets you up in the morning.This read will only add more value to your  morning,life and purpose.Filled with insight,techniques,examples and results.In my previous post "The Power Of An Hour"I talk about how much you can get out of an hour.Especially when its off the top of your day.If you come home from a long  mentally or physically exhausting day.By getting your routine in first will make you feel like you at least got it in for you first.I've implented some tips and strategies from this book and already feeling the the results.