Sunday, January 10, 2016

Paitence Is A Talent...

We all get tired of the grind.Striving for that elusive thing that we are trying to obtain.But I've come to realize that to go fast you have to go slow.Meaning be  methodic but dilligent about your efforts.Things seem not to happen  not on our time but on the time they are meant to happen.Sometimes other things,situations,and people have to line up.
The easiest thing to do is give up.It takes not much effort to quit.How much resistance are you actually dealing with by quiting?What makes you often has the tendencey to break you also.
Expierment with different approaches and strategies.See whats working and whats not.Make small tweaks.Fall back and regroup.Time Out is better than Burn Out!
Find your inspiration daily.It's a  hourly,daily,weekly,monthly,yearly process.
I've had my owns doubts about the grind and giving up.Sometimes the pain of wanting is to much to bear.Take notice of what's going on when your attitude does match your mood.Usuallly times when you are under stress,and unforseen pressures.Work,family,bills,responibilities.We all have them,we all go throught it.The key is  "Don't Just Go Through It But Grow Through It"