Sunday, March 12, 2017

But That's What You Signed Up For....

You know that feeling when expectations don't meet the reality of the situation?When it took longer than you expected.When it required more than you was prepared to give? When you know it called for this but not that? Did you sign up for the job,position,commitment,project,duty,responsibility,or did it sign you up?I think we know the answer.The point is  once you get in and see it's not whats it suppose to be.Don't make an abrupt immature decision.Stay the course.Fulfill the obligation or commitment.Then make a decision.Now if you were lied to or mis informed that's another story.Do your homework,due diligence.Talk to as many people as you can about it.Those who are currently in the seat,or use to be  in the seat.Gather intelligence make a better inform decision before getting involved.Get it straight at the gate.Take it as an experiment if things are not turning around or working after a certain time frame cut your losses.Count it as a lesson/blessing and on to the next thing.

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